Schering’s Document Holders are not Schering’s

The Schering medical group was recently purchased by Bayer and is now called Bayer Schering Pharma. But even before that, Schering was making millions. 690 millions in the first three quarters of 2006? Not so bad.

But with all that money they don’t seem to be able to afford their own fake leather document holders to give away at seminars. Instead, they just relabel some that the city of Aarau (?) already used previously, five years ago 🙂

Here’s proof:


Yes, okay, don’t poke my eyes out yet! I know this might be the fault of whichever marketing company was charged with providing the document holders. And I actually find this rather charming. Instead of sentencing these wonderful plastic leather document holders to a burning death, someone seems to have purchased a whole pile of them and is using them in their intended purpose.

I just hope they didn’t rip anyone off by charging the same price a new one would cost.

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