Snakebyte RGB Cable for the Wii


Nintendo is still having massive problems delivering enough RGB cables for the Wii. In fact, I haven’t seen a single one. To fill the gap, manufacturer Snakebyte has now released an RGB cable of their own — and component ones too.

Since my TV spent its youth somewhere in 1992, I bought the RGB one, and I wasn’t disappointed. This is right up there with the quality of official Nintendo cables of old, such as the one for SNES and GameCube. Snakebyte’s RGB cable is manufactured with lots of love. The SCART connector is pleasantly heavy due to its metal casing and the contacts are gold-plated against corrosion and for supposedly better signal carrying properties. The whole cable is covered with a thin plastic mesh, giving it a chunky, stable feel. On the console end of the cable, a ferrite core filters interfering signals for a purer picture.

The composite cable Nintendo includes with the Wii doesn’t stand a chance. Once you switch to RGB, the annoying colorful flicker around high-contrast areas is gone, color bleeding is gone, warbling text is gone. Contrast might be a bit weaker, but in exchange you get a lot more detail. This is the way the Wii wants to be played.

If you’re a Wii owner with a non-LCD or non-plasma TV, this RGB cable is a must. Pictures after the jump.

Here are a few comparison photos I took. Since I’m too stupid to get rid of the moirée effect in the images, they only say so much, but I’m sure you get the picture.


Using Nintendo’s composite cable, most text suffers from flickery display and multi-colored pixel artifacts warbling about. The RGB cable displays text cleanly, with no flicker and with beautiful contrast.


Now there’s a good excuse for “you don’t even know what color my eyes are!”. Greyish-blue? Black? Ocular auburn? Dark f’thagn?


Colored text and special fonts are a challenge the Nintendo cable cannot win. Snakebyte’s thingy performs nicely, with pixel-perfect contrast around the red word, and it preserves all the detail in the beveled font.


Look at the pattern on the girl’s apron. They’re squares! And all this time I thought it was supposed to be a flickering mushy mess of blues and purples.

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