Wii web browser debuts on Friday

I sat on my comfy, warm sofa countless times, feeling the urge to read news feeds or e-mail, but woefully unable to move my arse off the couch due to a severe attack of laziness. Even digging up the laptop from this or that cushion fold would not please me in such moments, as it requires monumental shifting of my own body weight.

But this Friday, Opera for the Wii will be available as free trial. Those moments will be but a fleeting memory. From that day on, Wii-owning couch-dwellers will be able to clix0r around the webz0r without any immediate arse-movement requirements. Joy!

In the second half of 07, the full version of Opera for the Wii can be bought for EUR 5. Or 500 points, whichever currency you fancy.

Via Gamekult and with more details at Kotaku.

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