Boss of Microsoft Germany resigns

As reported by dpa and also posted at [Heise Online]( and [The Raw Story](, Jürgen Gallmann has resigned. Gallmann was not only chief executive of MS Germany but also had the position of Vice President EMEA. Apparently, he didn’t agree with tighter control by the Redmond headquarters over MS Germany.

This is the third (I believe?) in a series of shuffles and changes at the top of Microsoft — even Bill Gates has left the company! The announcement out of Germany comes only one day after MS had to [cut Bill Gates’ and Steve Ballmer’s bonuses due to slowing profit growth]( .

I hope this is all a sign that consumers are losing faith in the company as it is right now and that MS’ upper management is panicking around the meeting room like a bunch of scared chickens, trying to catch up to modern times.

Unfortunately, money is the only language Microsoft understands, and perhaps lack thereof and internal struggles will lead to their reconsidering their decisions in relation to the market, slow down with their heavy-handed tactics and become a fair player whose products compete on merit instead of the [sleaziness of their marketing](

One can dream.

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