DS Lite for sale in the USA – 10 days early!

It looks like some stores don’t know or care about the official street date for the US DS Lite release (Hint: June 11) and have [started selling them already](http://www.cheapassgamer.com/archives/cags-score-ds-lites-from-target-walmart.php). Congratulations to the early buyers. You’re spoiled. Spoiled!

In other Nintendo news, you ‘mericans are getting Super Paper Mario (GC) on October 9th and Baten Kaitos Origins (also GC) on October 29. Those might be the last GC games to be released before Zelda: Twilight Princess, which will be the title to turn off the lights and lock the doors. But then again, didn’t somebody say the Dreamcast is dead, and now [look what happened](http://www.eurogamer.net/article.php?article_id=65096). So there.

God bless America and all that.

2 thoughts on “DS Lite for sale in the USA – 10 days early!”

  1. Hey man. Nice site. I happenned upon it while looking for H.P. Lovecraft stories. Seems like we share many interests (gaming, lovecraft, computers, etc).

    Anyway. Since I dont have an email address for you… I was wondering about something.

    I notice that you USED to have the C.M. Eddy stories on your site… but that they asked you to take them down.

    I dont want to get you in trouble or anything… but…. I am really trying to get my hands on those stories.

    Anyway. If you still have them and you wouldnt mind emailing them to me… that would be swell. If not… I understand. I am actually trying to put together my own little book of Lovecrafts works (for my own use only)… and I cannot seem to find those 4 stories anywhere.

    You can view the cover that I am getting for my “book” here (its pretty spiffy):


    Anyway. I apologize for using your blog to communicate. but. I had to at least try. 🙂

    Thanks again man.



  2. Hi there 🙂

    I more or less inherited that H.P. Lovecraft library from someone at gizmology.org, and THEY were the ones who received the e-mail from C.M. Eddy’s grandson to remove the stories. I don’t even have the stories myself, they’d already been removed when I copied the old H.P. Lovecraft library.

    Unfortunately, since the stories are still in the copyright of Jim Dyer and family, I couldn’t even publish them if I had them.

    Sorry to not be of any use there 😦


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