Sony at E3: Let’s copy from everyone!

Sony showed demonstrations of its modified PS3 controller and the accompanying games lineup at E3 today. According to an [article at Heise Online](, Sony didn’t manage to set itself off from the crowd. The release date of the new console is November 17 in Europe and the USA, six days after the Japanese debut. The price is a hefty EUR 499 for the 20 GB and EUR 599 for the 60 GB version.

Also shown were the redesigned controller’s motion sensor abilities. Heise notes that “the controller seems to be hastily copied from Nintendo’s new Wii console.” Furthermore, “it does not look like Sony’s controller will be able to match the Wii’s precision. Instead of simplifying controls, Sony adds yet another type of control to their pad that the player will be forced to learn.”

The presentation left the feeling that Sony will be trying to copy from everyone. They want the price point and connectivity of the Xbox 360 and some of Wii’s unique controls, instead of offering something truly new that is wholly its own.

The games lineup also looks derivative, and Heise was particularly disappointed with the looks of the next Gran Turismo game. It looks “not even nearly as spectacular as in the scenes Sony showed earlier” (and this was to be expected), but apparently the tracks look bleak, sterile and boring.

“The games Sony showed left something to be desired in the originality department”, says Heise. “The look of the level shown from Resistance – Fall of Man might just as well have been placed in Warhawk, Killzone or Konami’s Metal Gear Solid 4. The design appeared completely interchangeable.”

Also, Heise criticized that the often heard argument that Xbox 360 games only aim for young macho men can also be applied to the PS3 library. Singstar, Hot Shots Golf and Africa being the only exceptions so far.

Heise is not known for in-depth gaming coverage, but even they noticed that large parts of the industry have degenerated into rehash-factories. I might be walking the primary-colored path towards Nintendo fanboydom, but I think all of this bodes well for Nintendo, since they are so *not* what Sony and Microsoft are at the moment.

One thought on “Sony at E3: Let’s copy from everyone!”

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