The GIA DVDs are in the mail

As [hinted at earlier](, my GIA mirror might soon be complete thanks to the help of two people who between them own a copy of the entire site, on a bunch of DVDs πŸ™‚

The discs are in the mail now, and I will post something as soon as they’ve had any impact on the mirror.

2 thoughts on “The GIA DVDs are in the mail”

  1. It’s a pleasure πŸ™‚ I’ve been ashamed that the mirror still isn’t complete after all this time. Receiving the rest of the files now feels great, and I hope the whole mirror will make a lot of fans happy. I don’t remember if the persons involved in getting the DVDs want credit, but if they do, I’ll put their names in the right places, because without them it would not be possible. It’s a testament to the GIA’s quality that so many people care this deeply.


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